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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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wanted a good education for their children and they did what any parent would do. >> quickly, what is usc doing today? >> usc has announced new changes to avoid situations like this from happening in the future. so a letter came out today from usc interim president that said every candidate's file will be reviewed by a head coach and senior sports administrator and they're certify in writing that the student is there for a reason and every year athletic rosters will be viewed. >> khloe, thank you. let's continue on. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. and it is the largest democratic presidential field in history and today the man who has been a vice president, who has been a senator, who has been a big fan of aviators is joining the race. joe biden making it clear he is focusing on one thing and one thing only, beating donald trump. and he went after the president directly for his response to the deadly 2017 attack in
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charlottesville, virginia. >> he said there were, quote, some very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? those words, the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. and in that moment i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. i wrote at the time that we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. that is even more true today. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> and with that, the former vice president officially
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entered the fray and immediately catapulted to the top of the pack. and now that that announcement is out of the way, biden is poised to hit the campaign trail hard. we got a preview of that moments ago in delaware where he stopped by this pizzeria that he represented for 36 years and tonight he attends a philadelphia fundraiser ahead of the first official campaign event on monday in pittsburgh. that will be followed up by swings through iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, and california just in the next couple of weeks. as for the man who biden would like to replace, president trump. he had this message for his opponent. now he's referring to as sleepy joe. trump tweeting, i only hope you have the intelligence long in doubt to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas but if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. so with me now, cnn special correspondent jamie gengel and
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from aide to hillary for america. welcome, welcome, the day has come. >> finally. >> so we've seen the video that he rolled out this morning and un -- unlike the 2020 rivals he's taking it right to trump out of the gate. >> he's running in the general already. first two words, charlottesville, virginia. this is not about universal health care or college paying or taxes. he is going after one thing and that is donald trump. and he is saying i'm the guy who can beat him. i thought that video was very compelling. he had a good first day. a lot of democrats are concerned is he too old? is he not disciplined? so we have to see about days two, three and four and five. but i think he had a very good day one. >> to you, sir, you have gotten quite of bit of buzz for the woke litmus test. >> right. >> by white guys running for president. tell me what the woke litmus
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test is and would joe biden pass? >> well look, this is the former vice president is the latest candidate. the nonethnic minority candidate. there is an expectation among democratic primary base voters that you understand how to speak the language of progressives and of minorities. particularly of ethnic minorities that felt disenfranchised over time and i think there is a litmus test that the male nonminority candidates have to pass. they have to understand what matters in the community and understand how -- >> how can they prove that fluency? how can they prove their woke to win? >> well, i think we've seen examples already. we've seen joe biden talk about understanding how he errored in anita hill hearings in 1991 and his comments back in 1975 about school busing, recanting on those. we've heard pete buttigieg. >> have you gotten enough? you know they'll come after him on all of that. they'll say he has not done enough. >> not just him, all of the
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candidates. we've heard actually all of the male candidates pledge to put a woman on the ticket essentially. which is an important point to consider as well. >> so i never thought i would say the word "woke" on tv in my -- and my kids will be dying. but i will say i think in addition to that, there is really only one thing that is woke that matters to democrats and that is who is going to beat donald trump at the end of the day. >> i think -- i agree and i think also democrats felt like -- look, i worked for hillary clinton and they felt like four years ago they had a candidate that did not maybe carry the hearts and minds of all democratic voters. they want to make sure they have a candidate now that could really carry the progressive mantle forward. and what is interesting about joe biden, and it is biden versus trump but don't forget biden versus bernie sanders. anxious democrats are concerned that bernie sanders could walk to the nomination. biden arrival in the race is the last great hope for a lot of
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establishment democrats who want someone who will go up the middle. >> this is the tension between primaries and general. >> absolutely. >> i want to ask you about -- so we know that biden, his first live interview will be on the "view" tomorrow where he had that emotional exchange with meghan mccain and the brain cancer fight that her father was in the thick of battling and about beau biden who passed away. so watch this clip. >> one of the things that gave beau courage, my word was, john, you're dad, you may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my beau. your dad, when he was a -- a worker, he became friends with beau and beau talked about your dad's courage. not about illness, but about his courage. >> just want to reach through the screen and squeeze meghan mccain. but what do you make of that clip and what moment they could
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have tomorrow? >> that is joe biden at his best. that is someone who is authentic, it is the reason he connects with people. it is the reason that he can do what some of the other democrats may not be -- may not be able to do which is where is he living the next couple of days. he'll be in pennsylvania. this is about donald trump won pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. by less than 1% of the vote. >> yep. >> when you see him there what his supporters think is that's the joe biden that could get some of the trump voters back. >> i agree. that is the best of biden. i would also say strategically going on the "view," appealing to female voters and appearing to kind of voters in the middle of the country, also let's pay attention to the rollout this week. he pushed it back one day to avoid conflicting with the she the people conference which is a big women's political gathering on wednesday. he pushed it back a day.
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he also made news here at cnn by stealing one of your big cross town -- >> he did. >> which, by the way, i think might have been the biggest news, bigger than the endorsemented or the firefighter's union because he is not weak with people in the middle of the country, he's weak with progressives and with the ethnic minorities and that is why he made such a high profile investment in someone like simone sanders. >> and you liked what moment from the pizzeria. >> the aviators are back. and if you watch joe biden campaigning today, you will see -- there they are. there are the aviators. and he loves this. he is having fun. this is not heavy lifting for joe biden. this comes naturally to him. >> one really quick thing, he is running an incumbency campaign. i'm not sure if that will work. i don't know if democrat voters want over the top campaign and
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that is what he's running and we'll see if that pays off. >> you mention she the people. we're talking about boo against senator sanders but there was a moment and we'll play it for you. coming up next, a massachusetts judge is facing her own criminal charges after prosecutors say she helped an undocumented immigrant escape i.c.e. agents by letting him wack out of the back door of the courtroom. and breaking news, the u.s. signed a pledge to pay $2 million to north korea for the release of american otto warmbier. hear what the trump administration is now saying about that em -- exchange. and later, bernie sanders booed for his response to a question on what he would do to stop white supremacist violence and the woman who asked that question will join me live. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions.
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breaking news. new details about the american college student who was detained in north korea and returned to his parents comatose and on life support. cnn knows that before otto warmbier was released the u.s. was presented for a bill for $2 million for his medical care while in a north korean hospital and one of the negotiators was told he must sign a letter on behalf of the u.s. government agreeing that the bill would be paid. he tells cnn he called rex tillerson and told him about the bill and that tillerson did inform the president. but two sources tell cnn that the $2 million was never paid. it is just important to remember here, warmbier was comatose for more than a year in that facility before the north korean government even notified american officials of his condition. bill richardson is with me, a former ambassador to the united nations and former governor of
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new mexico and nominated for a nobel peace prize and so a pleasure to be here. and first and foremost, because of your involvement and you know things and some of which you could share on the otto warmbier case but i had his parents sitting on this set just after their son was brought home and they definitively told me their son was tortured by the regime in pyongyang and when you hear the number $2 million for a hospital bill, what say you? >> well, i think this is another spinning north korea story which is very dubious. first of all, i think he probably was medically mistreated. he didn't get the right treatment. torture, who knows. but i was involved with my foundation trying to get otto back. one, the north koreans never told us he was in a comatose state. but it is possible the intelligence people didn't tell the foreign ministry people that we were negotiating that was the case. and secondly, this sounds like a
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story that north koreans spin. when i got to american pilots out years ago, they were downed by missiles in north korea. they said, okay, we'll turn over the pilots, one had passed away. but you have to pay for the ammunition that shot him down. >> and you said? >> i said no, that is ridiculous. so i think i'm sure the president and tillerson, if that is the case and they denied it. they're not going to pay. this is a north korean negotiating tactic. brooke, they don't think like we do. they negotiate differently. they are in a delusional state about what is achievable. and this doesn't sound right and it is wrong. >> so you mentioned the example with the pilots but are there other examples where -- i guess is this not surprising that north korea would be demanding this $2 million because there has been demands until the past and how often would the u.s. actually pay them? >> well, they always, when there were prisoner cases like they would say, okay, we'll allow you
12:17 pm
to get news two american prisoners but you have to pay and we say no and then send a celebrity. like president clinton or carter. often me when it was like low level. so this is how they think. they think they could get some p.r. benefits. they think that they're finding ways to scare us. this is -- this is how they p.r. negotiate. and it doesn't work. and nobody believes them. but you have to realize that kim jong-un is talking to his own people. i mean, partly it is to show that he's tough with the united states -- >> the spin you reference. >> -- but he doesn't take any grief. so they come up with ridiculous -- like pay us for the medical treatment. it was bad medical treatment because it looks like otto after he had his sentencing went into a comatose state. and love his parents. i hope his parents get some
12:18 pm
compensation for otto's death from u.s. government sources. the north koreans won't pay. so they're spinning saying okay, well if you pay $2 million, maybe we'll tell you what actually happened with otto. and they're not going to. >> got you. i hear you on the absurdity of it. ambassador bill richardson, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, a massachusetts judge accused of letting an undocumented immigrant walk out of the back door of her courtroom to avoid i.c.e. agents waiting to arrest him, next. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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a massachusetts judge is finding herself on the wrong side of the law. she is just been indicted for allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant avoice an i.c.e. officer waiting outside of her courtroom. federal prosecutors stressed today that the arrest of the judge in a trial court officer who allegedly assisted her has nothing to do with politics. >> this case is not intended as a policy statement. at least not beyond making the point that the laws have to apply equally even if you are a state court judge. so no, we did not bring this case in response to the public debate over immigration enforcement. there are reasonable arguments on both side of that debate but this isn't a policy seminar, this is a law enforcement action. >> cnn jean casarez is following
12:24 pm
the story. so this happened last april. involves this immigrant from the dominican republic wanted on drug charges. so how are they able to get around the i.c.e. officer? >> this is an amazing story. according to prosecutors, now the judge is district court judge shelly richmond joseph and she's been federally charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and perjury to name a few of the charges. and the story goes back to the beginning which is important. there was a man by the name of jose medina perez and he entered the country to times illegally, 2003 and 2007 and deported both times. after that, an order by money immigration judge in the united states said he could not enter the country again for 20 years. he did enter the country again a third time. he was arrested in massachusetts last march for a narcotics charge and also as a fugitive out of pennsylvania.
12:25 pm
once arrested, his fingerprints were put into the system and that allows i.c.e. to realize through the electronic system that this is the person we have an order for that is not to come back into this country. so one month later was his arraignment on the narcotics charge and the federal warrant as a fugitive out of pennsylvania. the i.c.e. agent walked into the public courthouse, told everyone that he was there from the clerk to the defense attorney, he sat in the public area and that is when the arraignment proceeding began and i want you to listen to prosecutors today out of massachusetts after they describe what happened next between the judge and the defense attorney. >> told judge joseph that if a.s. was released i.c.e. would pick him up. judge joseph replied, quote, i.c.e. is going to get him, unquote. and seconds later ordered the recording equipment turned off. the judge and defense attorney conspired to have a.s. released
12:26 pm
out of the back door of the courthouse to avoid the i.c.e. officer. when the recorder was turned back on, the defense counsel asked for permission to accompany a.s. down stairs to lock up on a pretext, to this judge joseph agreed. >> so what happened next? the audio is turned back on and the defense turn said your honor i need to take him down stairs to continue to talk to him through an interpreter and prosecutors say that was a ruiz to get him -- a ruse to get him through the back door and he left and the i.c.e. officer remained there for a long time believing with that warrant in hand, immigration warrant, that he would exit the courtroom and did he not. now the aclu has responded to this day and the judge's behalf saying the department of justice decision to bring this case is preposterous and ironic and deeply damaging to the rule of law. she was arrested today along with the court clerk that allowed the -- the gentleman that allowed them through the back door.
12:27 pm
but they were not put in handcuffs, they turned themselves in. >> what a story. jean, thank you very much. coming up next, i'll be joined by a woman who asked a provocative question about senator bernie sanders about what he could do to stop white supremacy and hear what she thought of his answer. an answer met with boos. >> i know i date myself a little bit here but i was at the march on washington with dr. king back in 1963. and -- and as somebody who -- ♪ - [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. yep, this too, and this, please.
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if you are a democrat running for president, there is already one rule. do not take any votes for granted. that is why eight of the candidates running for the 2020 nomination showed up at the she the people presidential forum in houston organized by women voters of color. senator bernie sanders learned a couple of other things at that event and answer the question you are asked and do not name drop dr. king. >> what do you believe is the federal government's role to fight against the rise of white nationalism and white terrorist acts and how do you plan to lead on that in your first year as president? [ applause ] >> first of all, we have got to make it very clear that the type of dexa -- demagoguery from the
12:33 pm
trump administration is not what this country is about and i will do everything that i can to help lead this country in a direction that ends all forms of discrimination. >> the core of the question is about as president, what would you do with the rise of white supremacist violence to protect our communities. >> right. absolutely. [ applause ] >> you know, as somebody who -- i know i date myself a little bit here, but i actually was at the march on washington with dr. king back in 1963. and as somebody who actively supported jesse jackson's campaign and one of the few white elected officials to do so in '88, i have dedicated my life to the fight against racism and sexism and discrimination of all
12:34 pm
forms. >> salu is the woman who asked the question. she is the former new york city commissioner of immigrant affairs and founder of new american leaders so thank you so much for coming through and you really asked the question. you even had to have an assist from on stage because it sounds like he wasn't answering your question. were you satisfied with his answer? >> absolutely not. i certainly wasn't satisfied with the first part of his answer. i think that i came to that question because in my work with immigrant communities and with people of color there is just this incredible sadness and fear that has developed over the last few years as we've watched churches being burned, as we watch our young people being killed by police and our young children being caged. and i brought to that question the weight and the feeling of so many of those conversations. and i didn't feel that we were being seen or heard in that answer. >> but yet when you look at the totality of everyone running for president, you have the men, white men at the top of the
12:35 pm
pack. senator sanders and now joe biden which reminds me of something i want to read a quote for you alexis grennel wrote in the daily beast saying while biden and sanders are well established with name recognition, it is galling to see previously obscure men with limited accomplishments like beto and mayor pete leap frog over women whose outside resume would put most people to shame. >> yeah, well, i say two things about that. first there is a tendency to look at people already in leadership and think that our future leaders should look just like them. and there is obviously we see a lot of white men in leadership and we look at any white man and think they too can lead. and forget there are systemic reasons why white men are the people in power. and just to bring it back to the question that bernie sanders was asked, i think for every presidential candidate it is not enough to have a diverse staff, it is not enough to talk about how you're going to stand up against racism. we've really need to see very
12:36 pm
specific things that are going to happen to make us feel that we are going to be protected by the future president. so we're talking about things like how are you going to create a national task force to respond to white nationalism or address systemic racism in government agencies and this disease of white nationalism will get responded to. >> so given all of that, you spent the day at she the people and a bunch of people who would like to be president on that stage, who impressed you. >> it is agreed that elizabeth warren won over the audience. if you were in the room, the energy was electric throughout the day. but what elizabeth warren did was really give us proof that she understood our concerns, connected her own experience to ours and most importantly had very specific plans. so we can't take voters for granted and assume we could talk in platitudes and general
12:37 pm
substance. >> she brought it. thank you so much. coming up next, former vice president joe biden said he asked president obama not to endorse him as he rolled out his 2020 campaign this morning. but can he keep the obama coalition on his side? we'll ask our own van jones who was once an obama adviser. i'm all about my bed. this mattress is dangerously comfortable. i love my leesa. experience deeper rest with the award-winning leesa mattress. designed to provide strong support, pressure relief and optimized airflow to keep you cool. read our reviews, then try it in your own home. order now and get 15% off your mattress - and free shipping too. go to today. you need
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breaking now, remember the case of the coast guard officer accused of masterminding a terror attack on politicians and media figures. well a federal judge just ordered he be released. the judge said the government had not met a standard to keep him in custody.
12:42 pm
he was only indicted on weapons an drugs charges and not related to terror or attempted murder and the judge said he still needs to be supervised. and now to politics. joe biden's announcement for the presidency has for months been billed as a continuation of the obama legacy but he told reporters that he asked former president obama not to endorse him which is a surprise after seeing eight years of white house moments like these. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. [ applause ] >> this also gives the internet one last chance to -- talk about our bro-mance. >> which do you like better? these or these? >> joe, they're the same. >> they capture different moods. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states
12:43 pm
of america barack obama. >> [ bleep ]. >> cnn political commentator van jones former senior adviser to president trump has a new series call "the redemption project which we'll get to. but looking at the aviators at the pizzaria and he doesn't have for an endorsement but he is seen as the obama third term. he wanted to hang on that to obama coalition. how challenging will that be for him as an older white guy? >> look, i think first i want to say looking at the video that he launched, i felt help it on the way. help is on the way. to hear somebody speak about -- i think the heart break people have in the country in sober tones in compassionate tones, but in serious tones, i just
12:44 pm
like, wow, okay, thank you. i don't know where you'll come on policy, i might for you or against you but i welcome his presence back on the national stage and i welcome him -- he's not just calling trump out he's calling us up and i think he's qualified to do that. i thought it was a beautiful video and i'm glad he's in the race. >> not just calling trump out but calling us up. on policy we're already seeing a -- some sampling of the pushback he'll get from other democrats and throw a tweet up on the screen and you could see from the group that helped launch alexandria ocasio-cortez and noting the mass war and marriage inequality and how does he handle that. >> that is tough. and i don't think people understand the importance of the justice democrats. people talk about the tea party every day they were on -- on the scene and the justice democrats are as strong as the tea party and they are a major sense of gravity in our party that doesn't get talked about enough and i think they'll have criticism of his record. i also think, though, that you
12:45 pm
have a democratic base that is torn down the middle in our hearts. do we want to go with a new fresh young face that will throw out most inspiring ideas or do we just need to find somebody who can bring us back together and frankly get those 70,000 mid western voters to come back over the fence. don't forget we lost the industrial midwest three states by a toyota-- with a total of 7 votes and co get that without get out of bed in the morning. and people are saying we need those 70,000 votes but, listen, the justice democrats need to be taken more seriously than they've been because they are a major force in this party. >> speak about justice. let's talk about you. congratulations, this is a huge deal. he has this original series called "the redemption project" and we'll play a clip.
12:46 pm
explain what this is about. >> the culture has gone in a negative direction and we talk about this all of the time, you and i, it is the call-out and cancel culture, the idea of compassion and empathy is gone. and i wanted to do something that would go 180 degrees in the other direction and show people who have done bad things, not just a bad tweet, done bad things and are in prison and who want to make amends and want to atone and i talk to them and the people who they've hurt and then i let them talk to each other face and to face and we film it. and it is a beautiful, powerful process. listen, sometimes it doesn't end warm and fuzzy. not going to lie. but sometimes it does. and i just believe that we can do better. we have got to get empathy and listening and caring and compassion back in the culture so this is a medicine for a sick culture. >> let's watch a clip of the medicine from van jones. >> my actions started the cycle of violence.
12:47 pm
>> he took the love and what my life could have been like. i want him to look me in the face and tell me why he killed my mother. >> there is no way that you could actually prepare for something like this. >> this is the last piece of that puzzle from a lifetime of what if. >> oh, my god. >> listen, that is the first one that we did. and when it was over, i cried so hard my nose started bleeding it was that emotional and cathartic. people say this might be too heavy for me. this is a heart break to hope show. this is a heart break to hope show. and sometimes breakdowns could lead to break-throughs if we use them right. and so we're arguing every day on the air about sometimes it is minor stuff. these are people who you would think would never want to talk and yet it turns out sometimes the person who hurt you ten
12:48 pm
years ago, 20 years ago, they have information that you don't know. you got a request never answered. you have pain. you were in your own prison of pain and that person sitting down and explaining what happened and saying i'm sorry could make a huge difference and we show that in this series. >> thank you for doing this. >> thank you. >> this is the show. the premiere of the "the redemption project" this sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. van, thank you. >> thank you. still ahead here, the fbi raids the home of the baltimore mayor and it is all tied to a scandal involving children's books. clip a passing car. minor accident -no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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continue to hold out against the country's latest military rulers, the families of the dozens killed by sudanese government forces over the three months of protests are still mourning their dead. as deadliest months of protests have been, cnn has learned it could have been much worse. documents obtained by the lond-based dossier center detail a plan very similar to that which is believed to have played out during the 2016 u.s. elections. this time put forward by a shadowy russian mining company linked to yuvengi helping to spread misinformation and keep omar al bashir in power. a naval russian presence at stake on the strategic red sea coast. nema baggar has the report. some of the images are graphic.
12:54 pm
>> translator: he was just 17 years old in his first year of university. >> reporter: january 8th, government forces opened fire on unarmed protesters. a teenager muhammad al fathi is the first to die. his mother tells us he knew there was a chance he'd be killed that day. >> translator: it was muhammad's hope the government would be overthrown. our hope is that the same way bashir killed our son, he must be executed. killed. >> reporter: the crowds gather still outside the military headquarters. today they are chanting, only blood washes blood. they want justice for the dozens of lives lost during the
12:55 pm
pro-democracy process, but it could have been so much worse. cnn has learned that in january, russia advisers to the government drew up plans to suppress the protests. they worked from an office in khartoum belonging to an obscure mining company. we just asked in those offices, and they told us that this was another mining company, not m-invest. this is the exact address that we've been given by numerous sources, and there really isn't any other russian company matching the description that we were given of m-invest right here. cnn has discovered that m-invest had sophisticated plans to disrupt the process, painting them as a foreign plat.
12:56 pm
fabricating evidence that protesters were being paid. that they were destroying mosques and schools. the evidence comes from thousands of documents shared with us by the london-based dossier center. they paint a picture of an operation prepared to go to great lengths to keep omar al bashir in power. why would an obscure mining power care? because m-invest is part of a business empire of one of russia's most prominent oligarchs and a man close to vladimir putin. the documents reviewed by cnn offer no confirmation that official russian security agencies were involved directly in trying to suppress the process in sudan. but sudan was at the heart of a russian drive to expand its influence in africa. russia had bet big on bashir. it wanted logistical help for their navy at port sudan. in january, activists circulated images of heavily armed men
12:57 pm
observing the process. government and military sources in sudan say they were private russian contractors, embedded with sudanese government forces. >> at the same time, m-invest was working on a plan to discredit the leaders of this process. recommending that so-called looters should be executed, putting together social media campaign suggesting that israel was behind the process and saying that lesbian, gay and bisexual activists were working among the protesters, something that would have been utterly unacceptable in the deeply islamic and conservative society here in sudan. >> multiple government and military services in sudan tell cnn that russian advisers were placed in government ministries and the national intelligence service. according to one senior figure in bashir's regime, their plans involved what he called minimal but acceptable loss of life. the regime did begin to implement the m-invest plan,
12:58 pm
smearing students as trying to foment civil war, limiting internet access and even devising a fake social media campaign to start disputes and disinformation. the same playbook u.s. prosecutors say russia's internet research agency used to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. the agency and m-invest both tied to pregoshin. he's previously denied any ties to election meddling and calls for this report went unanswered. and when he apparently felt sudan's government was slow to act, he evidently wanted more. he accused the government of inaction and warned that the lack of active steps to overcome the crisis is likely to lead to even more serious consequences. as the process gains strength, he wrote again praising bashir as a wise and far-sighted leader but urging immediate reforms.
12:59 pm
senior officials in khartoum tell us bashir hesitated. within a week, he was gone. but m-invest is not. the documents we've reviewed show that it has close ties to sudan's military and they are in charge now. the families of the fallen pray that their sacrifices are not in vain. >> translator: i'm happy that muhammad's dream of freedom was realized. i'm grateful to god, and i hope, dear god, forgive me. >> reporter: the kremlin and its oligarchs may have other ideas, but for now, here in khartoum, the fight for freedom continues. nima elbagir, cnn, sudan. >> russia has consistently played down russian contractors
1:00 pm
operating in sudan saying, quote, we are informed that some employees of russian private security firms with no trolgs the russian government authorities are working in sudan but their functions are limited to personnel training. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" starts now. ♪ this announcement really is a bfd. the lead starts now. breaking today, the worst-kept secret in america politics is out, and joe biden is in. and he's making a bee line to the fight with president trump. build that stone wall. one top democrat saying president trump is pushing the house towards impeachment as the president continues to turn down house democrats' requests at every turn. plus, north korea has the gall to send a $2 million medical bill to the united states for the american kid that they tortured to death. how the trump administration is responding today.